Make Money by Referring Clients to Discreet Secret

Do you know someone who could benefit from working with Discreet Secret? Our referral program offers you competitive compensation for every client that you refer to us who becomes a paying customer.

Here's How the Discreet Secret Referral Program Works


You refer a potential client to us that you believe could stand to benefit from any one of our digital services.


We consult with your referral to see if they are a good fit to work with our agency over a brief call or through email.


You get paid a flat fee if your referral becomes a paying client. The fee you receive is based on the value of the contract.

All payments will be sent to you after the initial deposit has been received. No payments will be sent out before that point.

Do You Know Someone?

Get in touch with Discreet Secret today and turn potential referrals into extra money for your business.

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