Reach New Clients with a Real Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your clients through the power of social media marketing

Our social media marketing services help luxury companions like you reach your target audience. We make it easy for you to reach new clients, get more bookings, and elevate your brand.

Social Media Content Creation

You need engaging content to build your brand. We create on-brand content and schedule it on all the major platforms.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is more than posting random tweets. We develop a strategy that will increase your followers and client engagement.

Instagram and Twitter Growth

The best luxury companions know how important Instagram and Twitter are. We build your profiles and help you reach new followers.

Client Communications

We promote your luxury companion business, connect with your clients and handle all communications for you.

Why You Need Discreet Secret’s Social Media Marketing Services

  • Make your brand look bigger with more followers and increased engagement.
  • Create content that matches your brand goals.
  • Simplify the screening and booking processes with social media.
  • Network with industry professionals, clients, and other important players.
  • Build a consistent brand across your website and social media channels.

“I struggled with the day-to-day side of my business. Discreet Secret came in and organized everything. Now, I have systems in place, a detailed schedule, and my business is growing a lot.”

Taylor Dubrow

"My VIP section was doing pretty well before Discreet Secret came along. Their business consulting service put me over the top and doubled my revenues. They are detailed and know how to maximize the potential of your business.”

Tatianna Deville

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Why You Need Discreet Secret's Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing services are designed to promote your brand by putting you directly in front of your clients. We tweet, share, and develop a social media content strategy that gets you more bookings.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Social Media Marketing
  • The Christian Louboutin
  • The Louis Vuitton
  • The Jimmy Choo
  • Xposure
  • Double D
  • Tweet Star
  • Follower Boost
  • The Influencer
  • Instagram Stories
  • Get Noticed
  • Grow Big
  • Xplosive Growth
Listing Ads
  • The Apprentice
  • The Pro
  • The Master

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We showcase your brand and get you more bookings using Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels.

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