Get Organized and Book More Clients

Management & Consulting for Luxury Companions

We understand how the luxury companion industry works.

Our management and consulting services are just what you need to get organized, handle your advertisements and promotions, to handle your schedule, and everything that goes into running your own luxury escort business.

Ad Management

We handle the entire ad management process, including posting on listing and profile websites that you like to use.


Let us handle the entire scheduling process. That way you can focus on what you do best, pleasing your clients.

Client Outreach

We take away the need for you to respond to hundreds of emails. We handle client outreach and bookings for you.

Business Strategy

Your brand needs a strategy. We use our industry expertise to help you position your luxury escort brand at the top of the industry.

Why You Need Discreet Secret’s Management & Consulting Services

  • Find new clients with high-quality profiles and listings.
  • Develop organized schedules that allow you to make more money.
  • Discover which clients are the right fit and have the highest value.
  • Get more bookings by appealing to your client’s sexual desires.
  • Develop new strategies for your brand that will increase the quality of your bookings.

“I struggled with the day-to-day side of my business. Discreet Secret came in and organized everything. Now, I have systems in place, a detailed schedule, and my business is growing a lot.”

Taylor Dubrow

"My VIP section was doing pretty well before Discreet Secret came along. Their business consulting service put me over the top and doubled my revenues. They are detailed and know how to maximize the potential of your business.”

Tatianna Deville

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Why You Need Discreet Secret's Management and Consulting Services

Our management and consulting services keep your business on schedule and help you stay organized during busy periods by creating processes that let you book more and earn more.


We help you build and develop a scheduling system.

Ad Management

We create your ads and listings and post them for you.

Customer Service

We respond to DMs and emails for you, saving you time.

Brand Consistency

We work to keep every interaction in line with your brand.

Business Consulting

We work with you to turn your services into an efficient business.

Process Management

We teach you how to create processes that will earn you more money.

Our management & consulting services handle the day-to-day so you can please your clients and grow your brand.

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