We’re Creating Something This Industry Has Never Seen Before

We Know the Industry

From scheduling to customer communications, the luxury companion industry is unique. We know how this industry works.

We Offer Premium Services

You need more than a basic website and photos. We work with you to build a brand that lets you stand out from the other luxury companions.

We Bring Our Expertise

Our designers bring decades of experience in marketing, branding, and production. We know how to tell your story.

It all started with a desire to do more

Traditional marketing doesn’t work in the luxury companion industry. That’s why we bring a new approach to an industry that is driven by direct interactions, sexy content, and an escort’s ability to create a legitimate brand. Our photography and video production skills, web and graphic design expertise, and our understanding of marketing techniques is exactly what you need to develop, design, and build your brand.

We work directly with you to create a brand that puts you in direct control of your business, bookings, and customer communications.

You own the body, now own the brand.

Discreet Secret Testimonials

“I loved working with Discreet Secret. From the initial concepts they created to the finished designs, the entire experience was professional and fresh.”

Brandy Jameson

“Discreet Secret showed me how to treat my luxury companion business like a business. They helped me develop systems, get more bookings, and they are always on the ball.”

Taylor Dubrow

“There’s nothing like Discreet Secret in this industry. They get the industry, they are amazing to work with, and I recommend them to other luxury companions looking to improve their businesses.”

Tatianna Deville